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Oren Movie

In the story of Oren we follow Emile as she struggles through a tragic loss and her road to recovery through the accidental oracle of Oren.

We have created this Kickstarter Campaign to raise the funds necessary to put this short film into production and see it through to its completion. 

  • Writer and Director: Tahyna Tozzi-MacManus
  • Starring: Tabrett Bethell, Trilby Glover
  • Producer: Kai Lillie
  • Cinematographer: Larkin Donley

Six days to go and $6000 to raise! Please check this out if you’re a fan of indie film, artistic vision and faith, hope and love!


When the Bridge was closed, everything changed. William Bell had never been found, and the damage wreaked by his experiments had killed many people on both sides. It was the task of Fringe Division — headed by General Broyles — to make sure that the connection between the Universes stayed closed. No one could ever be allowed to cross over again.

The Division had its hands full. Conspiracy theorists, curious members of the public, criminals from both universes, and fringe scientists were constantly testing the limits. There was always the danger that unauthorized individuals would try to achieve the unimaginable themselves.

With Massive Dynamic’s help, a vast surveillance network monitored not only every new anomaly, but also quietly gathered information on anyone who was experimenting too much, getting too close to the truth… that there was another world, like our own, but different.

This painting (click for full size version) is part of an ongoing monthly series of speculative art. It was inspired by Fringe 365 Project entry #243, and there you can read a little more about General Broyles, Agent Dunham and the new mission of Fringe Division after Walter Bishop’s disappearance.

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