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"I promised myself… a long time ago
It would be difficult to let you go
If not at least within
The touch of my fingers-
It was close to being
In heaven
Kind of woman that’ll haunt you
To being in heaven
Kind of woman that’ll haunt you
Is to be… in heaven
Kind of woman that’ll haunt you
I know I know…” - Kind of Woman, Stevie Nicks

Olivia Dunham
Ink A3


Overwhelmed with the sheer amount of notes and other materials that Walter had left for her, Astrid sought the help of experts at Massive Dynamic. But it didn’t take long for the prediction in Walter’s letter to come true. When they delayed returning Walter’s notebooks, Astrid went to New York to find out why. Nina Sharp, who now divided her time between running Massive Dynamic and Fringe Division’s new science wing, invited her to attend the spring meeting of the Board. But the cordial mood soon changed as Astrid realized there was little chance of getting the notebooks back. Determined not to leave empty-handed, she took one old journal with her - the one that Nina seemed to want the most.

This painting is part of an ongoing monthly series of speculative art. It was inspired by Fringe 365 Project entry #165 and is part of the Fringe Forward series.


STEVIE NICKS MEME → [8/10 favorite songs] » Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream)

The first and the third verse in ‘Moonlight’ were written in the mid-’70s. The second verse - ‘she’s lonely, lost, and disconnected’ - was written in Brisbane right after I saw the movie. So the song, really, is ancient times up to today. The chorus - ‘it’s strange, she runs from the ones she can’t keep up with’ - is all about the love affair between Bella and Edward [in Twilight: New Moon]. But ‘Some call her strange lady from the mountains/others say she’s not really real,’ that’s written in 1976. The same with the third verse: ‘He loves her, but he loves his life alone as well’ — people would think that was written about Edward, but it was written about Lindsey. So this really is an ancient song that encompasses my strange and everlasting relationship with Lindsey Buckingham, and Bella and Edward, all mixed into one.

fragmentedsandwiches: HEY! You make gifs? I didn’t notice. lol… I have a gif request. can you make a gif from “The Dying Minutes” from that scene near the end of the episode when Brad and Kiera were talking and Brad takes her hand? I mean just the hand part; not the whole scene. It makes my stomach flip every time. I just love hands and the act of someone taking someone’s hand and weaving their fingers together. ok, bye. :) Thanks!

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