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30 Day Drabble Writing Challenge - Day 3


Junior Agent Olivia Dunham.  She closed her eyes.  Junior Agent Olivia Dunham.  She opened her eyes.  The soft moonlight glimmered on her bedroom ceiling like little ghosts taunting her from above.  In a few hours she would be walking into FBI Headquarters and being partnered with a total stranger in a new job with new responsibilities, new lessons to learn and the beginning of a whole new life.  She rolled over again. It wasn’t the thought of the job that caused her brain to be wide awake at 3am. Nothing about law enforcement made her nervous. It was the idea of having to work with a partner that sent uninvited adrenaline coursing through her. A partner. Somebody observing her every move, somebody advising, directing, bossing her…. And that made Olivia Dunham nervous. She tossed her body back the other way. It would be a man. Probably a stuffy old man with fixed ideas who had seen a hundred rookies through safely and routinely. Part of her had already accepted that she would just have to ride this stage out with her head down and walls up. Another part of her flared with restless worry of how she could do that. She rolled onto her back again. Only a couple of years Dunham, she reminded herself.  You only have to put up with him for a couple of years.  She closed her eyes. Unless she screwed something up.  She opened her eyes. She didn’t exactly have a pleasant history with the FBI. But that was in the past. That wouldn’t make any difference. She closed her eyes, rolled into a more comfortable position. Get some sleep woman, she told herself. You’ve got this under control, just like always. You’re on the right track and life is going to be just how you planned it.

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